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Our Story

The journey began in 2009 when the owner faced the necessity of creating her own job. The economy had just collapsed in those years and jobs were very hard to find. Her entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to exploit a gift she had which was to have a great taste in women’s trending fashion clothes. This allowed her to provide customers with the perfect outfit for a fair price. Over the years, along with her hard work, sleepless nights, and determination, she knew that God would provide a great opportunity for her to make it in the retail business. In March of 2019, after years of hard work, the opportunity was finally given, and Bless opened its doors to the public in the Imperial Valley. This is the main reason why the name of the store is Bless, because of what it means to have worked so hard and finally share that hard work with the world. Bless didn’t just benefit the owner, it provided over 20 jobs for the local community and that number will only grow along with Bless. Equality and fairness are what we value the most here at Bless, which is why we always try to provide our customers with the best service. We hope you will join us and become a part of the Bless Family. Thank You!

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